Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is a bustling metropolis nestled in the Himalayan mountain range. Located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level, Kathmandu experiences a temperate climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from a low of around 5°C in the winter to a high of around 25°C in the summer.

If you want to travel from Kathmandu to other cities in Nepal or beyond, you may experience a vast range of temperatures and climates, depending on your location. This page covers the travel lengths to different locations as well as the potential temperature differences in each location.

Distance from Kathmandu to Other Cities in Nepal


Mustang is a remote district in the northwest region of Nepal, known for its ancient Tibetan-influenced culture and stunning mountain landscapes. Located about 400 km from Kathmandu, Mustang can be reached by a nine-hour drive by car or a two-day bus ride from the capital city.

With lows in the winter of about -5°C and highs in the summer of about 30°C, Mustang has an arid and dry climate. The area is 3,700 meters above sea level and is renowned for its wildly inconsistent weather, with scorching days and freezing nights. Due to its untamed beauty and extensive cultural past, Mustang is a favorite travel destination for trekkers and adventurers despite its harsh environment.


Although the distance between Pokhara and Kathmandu is only 204 kilometers (126 miles), the Nepali landscape makes for extremely difficult driving. The reason so many people choose to fly. There is only one route that connects Kathmandu with Pokhara. Thus taking one method over another isn’t always faster. Traffic in the Kathmandu Valley will have the biggest impact on your trip, depending on the time of day.

In Pokhara, it can get up to 31 degrees Celsius during the summer. As a result, visiting Pokhara during the summer may not be recommended. In Pokhara, monsoon season can bring heavy downpours and sporadic hail. During winter, it also results in a minor dip in temperature, down to 20 degrees Celsius. Pokhara can experience -10 degrees of temperature during the winter.


The city of Chitwan is well-known for its national park and its animal safaris. It is in the southern region of Nepal. You can reach to Chitwan from Kathmandu in four hours by car or six hours by bus, despite being 150 kilometers away.

The city has a tropical climate, with average winter and summer temperatures of roughly 25°C and 40°C, respectively. Chitwan is considerably warmer than Kathmandu, even though it is higher—about 100 meters—above sea level. Elephant safaris, bird watching, and nature treks are just some of the outdoor activities that visitors to Chitwan can enjoy. The Chitwan National Park and the Elephant Breeding Center are only two of the many cultural and historical sites in the city.


Lumbini is a city located in the western region of Nepal, known for its Buddhist pilgrimage sites and temples. It is believed to be the birthplace of the Buddha and is a popular destination for Buddhists from around the world. Lumbini is about 300 km from Kathmandu or a seven-hour drive by car or a nine-hour bus ride.

Temperatures in Lumbini do not change that much. It ranges from roughly 25°C in the winter to 35°C in the summer and can be considered Lumbini has a subtropical climate. Since the city is around 100 meters above sea level, it is typically a little bit warmer than Kathmandu. The summers of Lumbini are notoriously hot and muggy, with frequent highs of over 35°C. If traveling during the winter, it is advised to pack warm clothing because nighttime lows can reach around 10°C.


Illam is a city located in the eastern region of Nepal, known for its tea gardens and cultural heritage. Located about 400 km from Kathmandu, Illam is a nine-hour drive by car or a twelve-hour bus ride from the capital city.

Ilam experiences a subtropical humid, monsoon climate. Ilam’s annual maximum temperature ranges from 15°C in January to 25°C in June, with a mean of 22°C. 4943 millimeters of rainfall a year, with 23 mm in December being the lowest and 1127 mm in July being the highest. Given that the city is 1,000 meters above sea level, it is often cooler than Kathmandu. Illam occasionally experiences frost and very cold temperatures in the winter and occasionally gets quite hot and muggy in the summer.

Kathmandu to International Cities

Delhi, India: 1,500 km

Delhi is the capital city of India and is located about 1,500 km from Kathmandu or a two-day drive by car. You can also take a flight from Kathmandu to Delhi, which takes about two hours. Delhi is a bustling metropolis with a population of over 20 million people. It is known for its rich cultural history, iconic landmarks like the Red Fort and the India Gate, and vibrant street food scene.

Delhi experiences a harsh climate. Summer (April to July) is quite hot, while winter is extremely chilly (December – January). During the summer, the average temperature can range from 25°C to 45°C, and from 22°C to 5°C during the winter. Adequate measures must be taken in the summer to prevent the extreme heat, such as donning light cotton clothing, using a parasol or hat when outside, and drinking lots of water. Wearing warm or woolen clothing will keep you warm during the winter.

Beijing, China: 2,400 km

Beijing is the capital city of China and is located about 2,400 km from Kathmandu or a three-day drive by car. You can also take a flight from Kathmandu to Beijing, which takes about five hours. The city is located in the northern part of China and experiences a humid continental climate, with cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers.

In Beijing, winter lows are often around -10°C, and summer highs are typically around 30°C. Due to its high levels of manufacturing and reliance on coal for energy, the city is prone to significant pollution, especially during the winter. Despite this, Beijing is still a well-liked tourist destination with thriving artistic and cultural communities.

Overall, these cities’ temperatures are different from Kathmandu’s. All of these cities are conveniently reachable from Kathmandu by bus or airplane and provide visitors with a wide range of cultural and natural attractions. If you like to travel to these places we have got you covered.

After you’ve enjoyed the thrilling and joyful experience, you can choose whether to visit other beautiful places in Nepal or head back home. No matter what you choose, we hope you have a fantastic time.

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