Adventure seekers and hikers may find Nepal to be a treasure trove of lush green forests, beautiful rivers, and breathtaking mountain circuits. This beautiful nation of hills and mountains makes for an excellent paradise for travelers, adventurers, and explorers looking for great trekking or sightseeing experiences.

Therefore, a large fraction of the thousands of people are faced with choosing which trekking destination to explore in Nepal every year. Although it sounds strange, choosing your favorite Trek may be easier done in your home country than in the bustling trekking and tourist areas in Nepal, where dozens of trekking agencies are bound to give you different opinions about which Trek is the perfect one for you. And, if you were in such a problem, we’ve got your back. 

Would you like to explore beautiful places, experience the homestay, and take the less traveled route? At the foot of Lamjung Himal (6932m) in north-central Nepal, Ghale Gaun Homestay Trek offers the best trekking experiences. It is one of the best trekking areas in Nepal.

About Ghale Gaun

Visitors who want a taste of Nepal’s culture can stay at Homestays Ghale Gaun Village. Located near the foot of the Lamjung Himal in north-central Nepal, Ghale Gaun is a pretty village dominated by Gurung communities. There is a very famous trekking route and a very scenic beautiful village called Ghale Gaun, where around two hundred local houses are situated.

There is a museum that shares the history and tradition of the people and the Village. From the British Army or currently in the British Army, many former Gurkha soldiers are known as Ghale Gaun members.

This Trek is not only about discovering the local lives of Nepalese people but also provides breathtaking views of mountains like Annapurna I, Himalchuli, Mahhapuchhare, Annapurna IV, Annapurna II, Buddha Himal, and more. Villagers greeted the tourists with warm greetings, wearing their traditional costumes.


The main attractions of the Ghale Gaun Village Homestay Tour include local food, handicrafts, the Gurung Museum, Gurung Culture, and scenic mountain views.

As part of the ‘Ghale Village Homestay’ program, tourists are given an opportunity to live in villages such as Nandighar, Pasagaun, and Ghalegaun and get a glimpse of village life in Nepal. As well as observing and participating in their day-to-day activities, we visited another village near Ghale Gaun, Ghanpokhara, which is staying at home.

‘You will walk an hour to reach Ghale Gaun. Tourists have historically trekked to the Annapurna region. However, the stormy season streets around Ghalegaun are not ideal. Tourists are, however, encouraged to explore contemporary provincial life every season.

Ghalegaun Trek Itinerary

We here at Pokhara Info strive to make your Nepal experience the best possible. We have a great package for the GhaleGaun trekking trip as well. The Trek lasts for six to eight days depending upon your wish. However, our general itinerary is illustrated below.

There are many monuments in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, showing the excellence of Nepalese art and culture from ancient times. These monuments include the famous Durbar, the Pashupatinath temple, and the Swayambhunath stupa.

The number of locations to see in Kathmandu is so great that you will not be able to see them all in one day. However, we'll make sure that you don't miss the most popular attractions.

We will be going by bus to Pokhara early in the morning after breakfast. It will take approximately 5-6 hours to reach Pokhara, which is a beautiful city on a lake. While you are traveling by road, you can enjoy seeing Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and more.

A visitor may also enjoy the seven other lakes of the region, including Begnas, as they arrive in the afternoon. In comparison to the easy underlying Trek, Nangidhar and Pakhrikot now have an extreme climb. You will see beautiful Gurung communities at an altitude of around 1900 meters. You will also see Serga's charming culture.

After breakfast the next day, the hike starts with a few hours of walking and travels through wildernesses, waterfalls, bird chirpings, and after a slide for 2 hours for lunch at a point marked Garden.

We constantly try to get to Pasagaun town as soon as lunch is over. It differs enormously from Nangidhar or Pakhrikot. Moreover, even the nutrition is better here, and the beds are also more comfortable.

In the morning, you will descend approximately three hours to Bhujung and ascend another two hours. You can stop for snacks, lunch, or even spend the night there if you like. Ghalegaun Ghanpokhara is about 2 hours after Bhujung. The city has minimal infrastructure and a dense population, making it very interesting from the bottom up. Located around 2,016 to 2,050 meters above sea level, this charming city of Gurung is magnificent.

Not to mention, the picturesque mountains can be appreciated from here, especially in the morning when the sky is clear. While in the Village, after dinner, you can enjoy a cultural performance by the local dancing group, which includes mountain dance, music, and songs, which make your visit memorable. Be sure to take in all the charm of the Village and the performances as well.

The downhill portion of the hike takes about four hours to complete. Lunch is consumed at Khudi after the downhill portion of the hike. If you're fortunate enough, you'll also be able to see untouched nature in this area, which is a birdwatcher's paradise.

The path leads through delightful timberland, which can also be a paradise for birdwatchers. Then, as we conclude the trip, we return back to Kathmandu, unless you decide to explore the beautiful city of Pokhara. While you are here, you will enjoy the cultural show of Nepal in Kathmandu in the evening, relax in your hotel, and explore nearby places. You can also wander around Thamel at night, which is an ideal place for evening strolling.

After completing the Trek, rest as you cherish the beautiful moments you encountered during the Trek while on your trip back home. It certainly deserves its reputation for its rich culture, amazing views, and the hospitality of the locals that can make a trek to the Ghalegaun an unforgettable experience.


The itinerary mentioned above is the general plan arranged by Pokhara Info. The above itinerary is only a guideline; it might change due to the availability of lodging and campsites, fluctuating weather conditions, unforeseen political, trail, and environmental, or any other factors beyond our control. After consulting with the group, your trek leader will decide the best way to reach a final decision if this occurs.

If the itinerary is unsuitable for you, please let us know, and we will customize it. We will be able to make changes to the itinerary if clients want to do so.

Finally, When you are ready to start adventures in Nepal, it is time to begin thinking about what to pack. If you are ready to book but aren’t sure when is the best time to trek or what to stay in, Pokhara Info has got you covered. You can figure out these queries through our site. We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. I hope you have a good time in Nepal and thank you for visiting!