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Cycling Adventures in Pokhara

Pokhara is an adventure-filled city in Nepal. To improve on the already-amazing tours that the city has to offer Pokhara Info also organizes a 1-day cycling adventure. It is a lovely city with a calm natural setting brimming with the most beautiful natural beauty, and it is undoubtedly a location to witness the riding experience.

As you climb higher and higher to the top of this “biking in Pokhara” experience, the more clearly you will be able to see the valley, the calm and beautiful Annapurna and Machhapuchre mountain ranges, the nearby lakes, and the big and small green hills from which the fresh breeze starts and cools down your running and heating body. For a biking day trip, there are many choices.

Sarangkot hill biking

Sarangkot is the ideal location for viewing Pokhara’s true grandeur from an elevated vantage point. Here, you can see the entire Pokhara valley and its stunning surroundings, which include mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, and lush hills.

The Sarangkot Biking Tour begins at your hotel near the lake, where our representative will be waiting with the bike. After breakfast, we’ll ride past to Bindhabasini, which is 2 km away, and then travel on an elevated, winding road to Sarangkot, which is 6 km from the highway and where you can see Pokhara’s true beauty.

You will remain in lodges for lunch and refreshments before we travel to Naudanda via Kaskikot, where you will also tour Kaskikot Durbar and enjoy the peaceful surroundings from which to view stunning landscapes, agricultural greenery, and swiftly flowing small and large rivers.

After that, we’ll travel 4 km to Naudanda, where you can relax, rehydrate, and eat lunch. Then we’ll take the road to Pokhara via a winding downhill road before arriving at a straight asphalt road via Hemja, where you can see the stunning hills that surround the city and its distinctive landscapes. Once we arrive at the road to Bindhabasini, you can then initially follow the track to your hotel room.

Phewa Lake Round Trip

The lake’s surrounding mountain biking paths are fantastic. Most people mistakenly believe that paths around lakes must be simple and level, but this is untrue. If you’re considering riding the Fewa Lake loop, get ready to put both your physical and mechanical abilities to the test.

The trails include the entire Pokhara valley, the Lake Valley, the River Bay, people strolling solitary trails, difficult uphills, breathtaking scenery, Lake and Mountain Views, and technical and flowy downhills with rocks, roots, and stairways through forests. Although the queen forest has some of the finest single trails in the Pokhara valley, it is not a man-made bike park. There are many ways to prolong the ride, so you can travel further.

Peace Pagoda Biking

The Peace Stupa in Pokhara is renowned for its distinctive setting and panoramic views of the city. This well-known location serves as a landmark for Pokhara’s top tourist attraction and is well known for preaching peace to the city.

The Peace Stupa Biking Tour begins when our representative picks you up with a cycle from your hotel near the lake. We’ll travel to Davis Falls and begin the four-wheel-drive road ascent to the peace monument. You can enjoy lunch at a lodge while taking in the finest views of Pokhara’s cityscape. After that, you can explore the area’s slopes and natural surroundings.

You will enjoy this place’s majestic style and well-chosen location. The captivating views of the Mountains, Fewa Lake, and Pokhara city will make you smile and allow you to take in the tranquility of this location in your own special way. After that, we’ll change our direction and begin to descend down a twisting road until we finally reach Davis Fall Point. We will drop you off at your hotel room after returning on the same route.

Lake Tour at Lekhnath

Some of the well-known lakes in Pokhara city include Begnas and Rupa, which are lovely and have a calm atmosphere. Although they are less crowded, they have magnificent scene that every traveler wants to see. This one-day riding excursion is especially intended for keen, nature-loving adventurers.

The Begnas and Rupa Lake bicycling tour begins with a pickup from your accommodation by one of our representatives. We next travel to Bijayapur and then to Kalikasthan, where you will rest and have a tea break. Here, you can capture the stunning views of Pokhara city and the towering mountain top. You will then proceed to Sundari Danda, where you can both enjoy views of Begnas and Rupa Lake.

Every traveler’s once in a lifetime experience will undoubtedly be ascending to some of the tower houses on the route to catch both glances of these lakes with breathtaking peaks in the peaceful surroundings. After having lunch and taking a break, you will go on to Begnas Lake from there. Depending on your preferences, you can spend an hour boating in this lovely lake. We will then turn around and head back to Talchowk and Bijayapur. Your one-day excursion will come to a conclusion once you return to your hotel room via the same route. Pokhara city and its lovely surroundings provided a wealth of experiences.



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Himalayan Cycling Tour in Nepal

For ages, Nepal has served as the hub of the spiritual universe. Eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including Everest, are found in Nepal, making it a popular destination for adventurers of all stripes. The Himalayas’ most extensive stretch is located in this little nation, which is situated between India and the Tibetan Plateau. As a result, the country’s height is more important than its length. So, cycling has become one of the must-try activities when you visit Nepal.

Let’s start with Kathmandu. It is the hub of all things Nepali, and where most people go to get their bearings and the country’s capital. You can rent bikes here, get your supplies, and travel to the Himalayan foothills. While traveling by bicycle from Kathmandu to the historic cities of Gorkha and Pokhara, you can stop to admire Everest and the Annapurna range while passing through isolated mountain villages.

There are parts of Nepal that have just recently been made accessible to international tourists, like the Mustang Valley, where you can now bike through the Kingdom of Lo to see some of the oldest Buddhist traditions anywhere in the world.

Not everything in Nepal is uphill or downhill; most bikers find the Kathmandu Valley to be surprisingly accessible. The fertile plains offer easy cycling with possibly the world’s most breathtaking scenery. The intensity decreases in southern Nepal as the Himalayas in the north start to resemble the northern Indian jungles, making for a more tranquil journey that is rich in both Hindu and Buddhist heritage.

Cycling in Nepal, a country with a tiny but diversified geographic area, is gratifying in many ways. The long-standing culture and traditions of the people of Nepal allow you to truly nourish your spirit while admiring the most stunning mountain range in the world. So, here are a few of the trails Pokhara Info has to offer for you.

Along the Mountain Trail

These days, it can be difficult to uncover undiscovered single tracks in Nepal, but only if you don’t know where to search! Some of the best mountain-riding terrains in the area may be found in Solukhumbu, a region of the lower Himalayas under the shadow of Everest.

The local Sherpa people and their sheep created a wide network of routes that have transformed the area into an amazing mountain biking playground with a ton of variety, boundless views, and terrain that is both tough and thrilling. Embrace the experience as one of the first mountain bikers to explore this unexplored section of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Experience authentic Nepalese enduro riding outside of the bustling city of Kathmandu. The trek then starts to the lower Himalayas, where an undeveloped single-track is waiting. Before climbing Pikey Peak and enjoying the breathtaking view, you’ll go through woods and Sherpa settlements on a variety of terrain and paths. From there, you’ll cruise all the way down. Yet, there are still a ton of single-track and enduro routes to explore before taking an incredible flight back to Kathmandu.

Everest Enduro is unbeatable for the daring mountain biker looking for a ride that offers the most of everything. With the beautiful Himalayas as a backdrop, you may ride through rocky climbs, terraced mountaintop farms, on tiny, winding trails through the jungle, and on spectacular, wonderful downhills.

Mountain Shadow Trail

Although several mountain bike trails claim to be the best in the world, only the Kali Gandaki Valley trails in Nepal’s Mustang region can make the claim that they are surrounded by peaks that are five miles high. You’ll spend each night in teahouses owned by neighborhood residents that are filled with delectable food and regional libations.

The Kali Gandaki Valley, the deepest valley in the world, combines the magnificence of nature with regional culture and a level of relative luxury that is unmatched anywhere else. These challenging climbs, technical descents, fast, flowing singletrack, and the most breathtaking vistas you can imagine are all part of this mountain biking trip in Nepal, on the roof of the globe.

Also, the ride for this between Pokhara and Jomsom will be amazing.

This mountain biking vacation in Nepal will transport you to some of the most stunning and uncharted locations on the planet, where you will experience the most emotional mountain biking of your life. You will ride the trails of the fabled Annapurna Circuit and the lower Mustang region, at altitudes ranging from 1,500m to 4,000m (4,900ft to 13,000ft).

You will experience some of the nicest places you have ever been while cycling in the Mustang region. The experience is further enhanced by the distinctive local traditions, way of life, and culture. For tourists who want to see authentic Tibetan culture as it was in the past, Mustang offers a fantastic alternative. The Loba (Lo Pa) people are ethnic Tibetan and practice a kind of Buddhism from the Sakya lineage.

Off the beaten Himalayan Path

As you cycle by remote villages, historic cities, and undiscovered temples, enjoy exhilarating downhills and enjoy breathtaking views of Everest, Annapurna, and other peaks, the tour will give you an interesting cross-section of Nepal. See life in the middle hills where the Nepalese continue to live as they have for many decades, watch the morning break over the Annapurnas, and enjoy luxurious lodgings.

Before continuing on to the final destination, you’ll take an interesting journey that takes you through the Kathmandu valley’s ancient cities and temples to the royal city of Gorkha. To make your vacation as comfortable as possible, we include transportation assistance, first-rate lodging, and all meals. The paths are relatively reasonable and only call for the rudimentary knowledge necessary to walk and bike on jeep trails. This is a “all-inclusive” adventure; everything is supplied, from the creative lodging and delectable meals to the cycling guides, car support, and well-kept bikes.

You only need to peddle and have fun! Everyone will be able to cycle farther and still be happy at the end of this incredible adventure!


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The Nagarkot Dhulikhel Cycling Tour in Nepal

It’s no wonder Nepal is a top traveling destination for tourists, adventurers, and nature lovers alike. The incredible beauty of Nepal provides travelers with heavenly experiences without having to visit heaven itself. However, suppose you’re planning to travel to Nepal soon or are originally from the country. In that case, you may be surprised to know all the places you can go to experience the best out-of-doors experiences in the South-Asian region. Furthermore, activities such as paragliding, ultralight flight, cycling tour, and sightseeing add to the country’s beauty.  


If you want to enjoy Nepal’s hills and mountains, one of the best things to do is to organize a cycling trip with friends or family. Nagarkot Dhulikhel Cycling Tour is a trip into the countryside of Nepal’s city-periphery. It showcases the beauty of Nepal’s rural areas, which are embellished with natural beauty.

During your Tour to Dhulikhel, when you navigate the lush tracks stretching across the city circumference and venture into the mostly-pastoral routes, you will be charmed by the tranquility of village life and the lush surroundings. As a consequence, it is difficult to feel rejuvenated while surrounded by the noise and traffic of the city. But a cycling trip into the tame wilderness outside the city is the ideal way to refresh and relax. Discover the famous destinations of Nepal that can be reached quite easily from the capital. Experience the natural beauty of the woodlands and mountainous terrains outside the city. Refresh your senses amid the fresh air of Nepal’s hilly regions.


Nagarkot, one of Nepal’s most popular hiking destinations near Kathmandu, is a major highlight of the Nagarkot Dhulikhel Cycling Tour. Nagarkot has become one of Nepal’s most popular hiking destinations as a former royal retreat for the country’s royal family. While riding through the tracks at Nagarkot, you will have the opportunity to see the Himalayas off in the distance. It is an absolutely beautiful destination, blessed with an undisturbed natural landscape and a Himalayan tapestry as its natural art. Moreover, the view from Nagarkot’s view tower is known for its breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset amidst the mountain peaks. Besides the natural beauty, you’ll be riding along the captivating shadows of the Himalayas.

Similarly, Dhulikhel is another feature of the Tour. By bike, you will witness an absolutely stunning Himalayan panorama as you ride to the edge of Dhulikhel hill. As you pedal your way along the verdant landscape, you will catch glimpses of prominent mountain peaks, including the Langtang Lirung, the Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shankar, and Melungtse. Cycling along the temple-lined streets of Dhulikhel’s village will also give you a taste of Dhulikhel’s Newari ambiance. Thus, the Nagarkot Dhulikhel Cycling Tour blends together the natural beauty of the hill enclaves of Nepal and the cultural and religious treasures that this country has to offer. In addition, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy the view of the distant mountains from a very intimate setting.

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Cycling Tour Itinerary

Pokhara Info organizes several events for cycling along the Dhulikhel-Nagarkot area that is thrilling and interesting. 

As Pokhara Info’s main objective is to provide the highest level of safety and enjoyment for its clients, we take the matter of safety while cycling very seriously. However, it will surely be a fun experience and full of exploration around the countryside of that part of Nepal, cycling for 2 to 4 days at Dhulikhel.

As we travel from Nagarkot to Namobuddha, you will have the opportunity to cycle through stunning natural scenery and quaint villages. It is a great adventure that allows you to get a sense of the country's rural atmosphere and ethnic culture. The trail from Nagarkot cuts through remote villages with a small number of ups and downs. Tropical vegetation and hilly woodlands adorn the pathway, offering an enjoyable journey. The trail also offers views of the Himalayas.

Our route will also take us through Nala, Banepa, and Dhulikhel. We will have lunch in Dhulikhel and then proceed towards Namobuddha, an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is known for its legend about a spoiled prince who sacrificed himself to a tiger and her cubs, who hailed him as the New Buddha and adorned the site with his name. From Dhulikhel, the trail ascends uphill through lush forests. We will spend the night at a hotel in Dhulikhel.


Our journey takes us on mostly flat, paved roads to Balthali. This is a traditional village boasting ancient sculptures, buildings, and innumerable temples. The verdant farms and lush green environments that decorate our journey provide a pleasant experience. Furthermore, Balthali is situated behind the forests of Panauti, a fact that lends it a sense of ethereal natural beauty and makes it a popular, naturally, and culturally opulent destination that one can easily reach from Kathmandu.

Upon arriving in the village, you will find that it is a charming farmstead surrounded by green rice terraces, green hills, and faint shadows of the Himalayan peaks to the north. We will have lunch here and then head back before riding to Khopasi. After that, we will travel by private vehicle to Kathmandu. 


When you choose the Pokhara info cycling package for the Dhulikhel Nagarkot cycling tour, the package includes:

Cost includes:

  • Arrival & Departure transport via private Car/Van/Bus.
  • Three meals per day throughout the Trip(Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Accommodation during the trek.
  • Nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu with B/B.
  • Guide and a porter with Insurance, food, and accommodations.
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu or Pokhara valley with a car and tour guide
  • First Aid kit.
  • Trekking permit (Conservation fee).
  • TIMS card (Trekking information management system) is like a permit.
  • All needed government tax/vat.

Cost excludes:

    • International Airfare.
    • Your travel insurance.
    • Sightseeing entrance fees
    • Nepal Visa fee (US$ 50 for 30 days and US$ 30 for 15 days; you should get a visa open your arrival)
    • Any kind of drinks, items of personal expenses like hot shower, battery charge, telephone, missing meal, WIFI Porters, etc.
    • Tips for Guide and Porters

After you’ve enjoyed the thrilling and joyful cycling experience, you can choose whether to visit other beautiful places in Nepal or head back home. No matter what you choose, we hope you have a fantastic time.

We can accommodate group tours for this trip; however, you may also opt for a private tour according to your liking. We can arrange private trips at any time of the year at any date of your choosing. Please let us know what your preferred travel dates are so that we can accommodate you.

Finally, When you are ready to start adventures in Nepal, it is time to begin thinking about what to pack. If you are ready to book but aren’t sure when is the best time to trek or where to stay in, Pokhara Info has got you covered. You can figure out these queries through our site. We can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Hope you have a good time in Nepal, and thank you for visiting!