The first national park of Nepal, Chitwan National Park, covers 932 square kilometers and is located in the subtropical Terai lowlands of southern Nepal. Established in 1973, the park sheaths approximately 932 square kilometers (360 square meters). A world heritage site, the Chitwan National Park contains multiple buffer zones to protect many species of animals in the region and nature itself. 

The national park has over 30 years of experience in managing the park and preserving its inhabitants. Furthermore, the park stretches from 330 feet in the river valleys to 815 feet in the Churia Hills.

The Chitwan National Park is a natural jewel of Nepal. This, along with the beautiful village of Sauraha and all the activities it offers along with the nearby areas within the Chitwan district, makes for an excellent location for Safari for tourists and visitors from all over the world. In addition, there is a successful breeding program for one-horned rhinoceros. Visitors on Safari often spot these magnificent creatures and other wildlife.

Wildlife in Chitwan National Park

The park is especially popular among animal lovers for its protection of One Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tigers, and Gharial Crocodiles, which are among the 68 species of mammal recorded there. It also boasts 56 species of herpetofauna and 126 species of fish.

The park is home to one of the world’s largest land mammals, the wild elephant and the smallest land mammal, the pygmy shrew. In addition, the park has recorded 634 different species of birds, including 22 critically endangered species, since its creation. This includes the critically endangered Red-headed Vulture, the Bengal Florican, the White-rumpled Vulture, and the Slender-billed Vulture. So, it’s kind of a paradise for birdwatchers as well.

Safari in the Park

Safaris in the Chitwan National Park is one of the best ways to escape the monotony of everyday life. The scenic locations, festival-like hospitality, friendly people, and cultural diversity make for a great getaway. There’s a good chance you’ll see a rhino, various types of monkeys and deer, and perhaps even a tiger, even if you stay in an air-conditioned hotel facing the Jungle. And the Safari as well is worth every penny you spend.

Several resorts offer their own Safari tours with different price ranges in the Chitwan National Park Safari resorts. In addition, there are multiple resorts offering safari packages throughout the Sauraha region. Most of the Safari majorly consists of a Jeep ride through the Jungles within the Park area.

The Jeep Tour

A Jeep Safari is an exciting ride through the dense forest of the Jungle in an open-top jeep. It allows you to observe wildlife as well as take photographs of them. Jeep Safari is relatively safe from wild animals. The wilderness in Sauraha is used by jeeps carrying tourists. Generally, it does not run away when the jeep is approaching. So, Jeep Safaris are frequently conducted inside the Jungle without many obstacles and interference.

Safari operators stop their vehicles if any wild animal is spotted from afar. Jeep safaris are thus a great way to observe the wild animals and to travel through the jungles of Sauraha. Furthermore, the drive into the park’s heart provides a good opportunity to spot wildlife, taking you along long time-worn trails with excellent chances to view big animals.

Further along, the tour, keep in mind to visit Kasara, the park’s headquarters, and the Crocodile Breeding Center while you are there. You can find breeding and hatching boxes at the center of the park. They rear the animal until it is ready for release in nature. However, during the Jeep Safari, you are required to pay the National Park entry fee as well as Jeep Safari fees as per the requirement of the tour provider.

While riding the Safari Jeep with your friends or family, you’ll be able to observe countless species of animals in their natural living habitat, which will surely enhance your intimacy and love with nature. However, wearing off-white, black, grey, or dark green when on a jeep safari is recommended. Bright colors will scare the animals.

Activities throughout the Safari

Aside from the Jeep Safari, a primary activity of the tour, there are numerous other activities you can try out during your stay in Chitwan. Some of them are mentioned below:

Canoe Ride in the River:

The canoe ride is great if you come to Chitwan to relax. A guide will explain what you need to know about the creatures during the trip. Of course, you do not have to paddle yourself because a boatman can join you if you wish. During the journey, you will slowly pass the shores of rivers filled with gorgeous crocodiles and beautiful birds.

Bird Watching:

As mentioned earlier, the park has been considered one of the best places in Nepal for bird watching due to its habitat of 555 species. The 942 hectares of National Park and its buffer zones are filled with birds chirping and flying all around, and there is when we can see them, their varieties, and their identification. Chitwan National Park is home to many birds, including Kingfishers, Peacocks, Storks, Bulbul Birds, Eagles, and Ruddy Shelducks.

A birdwatching tour is organized where an experienced Nature Guide will assist the guests on this tour. You can spot these types of birds during jungle safari activities. People normally go inside the Jungle, along the riverbanks, and across the plain grasslands for birdwatching tours. There is a greater chance of observing the birds.

Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park:

The elephant safari offers one of the best opportunities to observe close-up wildlife, making it a popular activity during a tour. Elephants can approach other animals very closely without noticing that people are on their backs. This allows you to get within one meter of the animals. A tour of the elephant breeding center is also a great use of your time during the trip.

Trek through the Jungle:

You need to take a Jungle Walk with professional jungle guides if you want to experience the wild plains along the Sauraha and Chitwan regions. This walk gives you an ideal chance to view the animals up close with a more natural experience. However, despite all the different activities, the best way to spot and identify the different kinds of birds, both locally and from abroad, found in Nepal is on foot. The specialists along the tour will assist you in determining both migratory birds and local birds and animals.

Another fun activity you can undertake is a trip to the Tharu village in Sauraha. Spending a few days in the town gives tourists a new perspective on life. Aside from that, the hospitality and the whole experience of living in unfamiliar territory will help you learn and educate yourself about the cultures of the unknown community.

As a final point, the trip to Sauraha and the Chitwan National Park is a rare opportunity to escape away from the stress of daily life. Although that’s true, it is also a great way to enjoy a week off with people you love. We are here for you to make sure you have an incredible trip.