Adventure seekers and hikers may find Nepal to be a treasure trove of lush green forests, beautiful rivers, and breathtaking mountain circuits. This beautiful nation of hills and mountains makes for an excellent paradise for travelers, adventurers, and explorers looking for great trekking or sightseeing experiences.

In addition to this, I recommend the Makalu Base Camp Trek to any adventurer looking for an engaging trek in Nepal that will make a lasting impression at any age and stage of life. It is my personal favorite, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly to my fellow adventurers. 

About Makalu

Nepal’s most challenging and thrilling Trek, the Makalu Base Camp trek, is located on an off-beaten path not as popular as others in Nepal, meaning it’s relatively quieter and less crowded than other trekking routes.

Makalu Base Camp Trek is a good trek for adventure seekers who wish to encounter the Himalayan culture, hospitality, and lifestyle of the people living at high altitudes and exploring isolated Nepal areas. If you dare, get ready for one of the best trekking experiences of your lifetime at Makalu Base Camp.

Getting Ready for the Trek

Most of the path along the Makalu Base Camp Trek lies at a high altitude, from about 500 meters of elevation to a maximum of 4,870 meters. So, adapting to this difference might be a bit difficult for some people. In addition, altitude sickness and breathlessness can result from this extreme elevation. Therefore, people with lung ailments should avoid such activities or take all precautions necessary before attempting such adventures.

Since this Trek is one of the highest mountains in the world, the temperature can be a factor and a feature of the expedition. However, proper preparation in this cold climate is imperative. So, be sure to bring along the following materials with you.

  • Warm clothes, including jackets, sweaters, and thermal wears
  • Well-fitting gloves, socks, and shoes or boots
  • Trekking sticks
  • Snow Glasses and flashlight
  • Energy bar
  • Moisturizers and lip guard
  • Water bottles and thermos
  • Portable fire stoves

While some of the things and appliances mentioned above might not be essential. But, they would certainly make the Trek much more comfortable. In the event you forget any of them, you can find them in the various trek shops, but the cost might be a little higher than usual.

Starting the Makalu  Base Camp Trek

If you are a foreigner, you must acquire a Nepali visa and arrive in Kathmandu initially. Once you arrive in Kathmandu, you need to book a flight to Tumlingtar. From there, a 4-hour long drive to Chichila would take you to your starting point of the Trek.

On the opposite side of the valley, our destination for the night is located. After trekking for more than six hours, we pass through Arun Khola, a suspension bridge, towards the entry point of the Makalu Barun National Park at Seduwa village.

On this day, we'll hike out of the valley through terraced paddy fields towards Manigaon. After a five-hour hike, we'll reach the beautiful Tashigaon Village and rest there for the night.

On the fourth day, we need to hike up to an altitude of 3,500 meters. This path mostly contains a rocky road and an uphill walk with an amazing view of the valley beneath. After ascending more than 1400 meters, we need to rest for the fifth day at Khongma Danda to adapt to the weather and conditions at such an altitude.

A good way to spend the rest day can be through visiting the local villages and experiencing the lifestyles and culture of the people.

After a six-hour trek, you'll reach the beautiful Dobate Village after passing through multiple rhododendron forests, Shipton La Pass, Kalo Pokhari, and Keke La.

Our journey to Yangri Kharka leads us through rhododendron forests and fir and birch forests along the Barun River. We descend steeply to the river's south bank and then cross several areas where landslides have occurred before we reach a small village, Yangri Kharka, where we rest for the night.

Get the view of Yak pastures while you hike up to Langmela Khakra on the eighth day. In addition, while passing through Merek, you can notice the beautiful Himalayan view.

Finally, after nine days of trekking, you'll get to enjoy the wonderful Makalu Base Camp at an altitude of 4,870 meters. While on the way there, you'll get to see the Japanese Base Camp and the village of Shersong afterward. Rest there for the night while enjoying the jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Himalayas.

Upon arriving at Makalu Base Camp, we need to dedicate one extra day for a four-hour hike to and back from the beautiful Swiss Base Camp. Reach one of the top points of our Trek at 5,120 meters on this day.

During the morning of the eleventh day, a 2-hour walk to the viewpoint allows for a majestic view of Mount Everest, Chamlang, Baruntse, Makalu, and Lhotse. Afterward, the descent back to Langmale Kharka begins.

Retracing our steps to the top, we hike back to Yangri Kharka for about four hours to rest and camp for the night.

Due to the descending path, the Trek back to Debate from Yangri Kharka would be much quicker on the return trip. Nonetheless, the view of the Himalayas remains the same throughout the day.

Today, we walked back for six hours to reach Khongma Danda. Furthermore, we pass through Tutu LaPass, Kauma La Pass, Keke La Pass, and Shipton La Pass to reach our destination for the day.

On our fifteenth day, we walk through a few lakes and forests on our way back to Tashigaon.

Today, we trek from Isuwa Khola to Hingsa Khola, passing through small settlements on the way to Seduwa. We reach Seduwa after 5 hours of trekking.

On this day, we hike back from Seduwa to the village of Num. Similar to our ascend a week earlier, we'll walk back the same path to encounter the rhododendron and bamboo forest as well as the Arun River.

The final day of our Trek brings us the satisfaction of trekking along steep hills with the spectacular view of Mt. Makalu for the last time before reaching Tumlingtar. Finally, after trekking for seven hours, we arrived at Tumlingtar.

After you’ve enjoyed the thrilling and joyful cycling experience, you can choose whether to visit other beautiful places in Nepal or head back home. No matter what you choose, we hope you have a fantastic time.

We can accommodate group tours for this trip; however, you may also opt for a private tour according to your liking. We can arrange private trips at any time of the year at any date of your choosing. Please let us know what your preferred travel dates are so that we can accommodate you.

Finally, after the completion of the Trek, take a rest as you cherish the beautiful moments you encountered during the Trek while on your trip back home. It is certainly deserving of its reputation for its rich historical legacy, amazing views, and the hospitality of the locals that can make a trek to the Makalu Base Camp an unforgettable experience.