Sikles village is one of Nepal’s largest model Gurung villages for hiking and provides a chance to learn more about this distinctive traditional way of life. In order to boost tourism, the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) and the locals manage and conserve this path. This village is quite popular among trekkers in the region, but people do not know much about its sister village, Kori. 

Kori Overview

As you enter the bustling community of Sikles, the Kori Hill Trek trip officially begins. Sikles is a small community with a diversified ethnic population that is heavily populated. Generally, the Gurung people live in the hamlet. 

The famous Kapuche lake is also located in this region. To visit the magnificent Kapuche Lake, you must hike for a few days from Sikles village. The Lake is the lowest glacial lake and is situated in a breathtaking area. Kapuche Lake is first explored before we move on to Kori Danda. Danda in English means “Hill,” and Kori Danda is 3800 meters above sea level.

Why should you visit?

The Kori Hill Walk is a fantastic short trek that goes to an unexplored trek path in the Annapurna region. On this excursion, you’ll be able to appreciate the serenity and stunning surroundings. Additionally, when you deal with the Pokhara Info team, you are in the hands of knowledgeable experts about this lesser-known trek route. The experiences and memories made here will endure a lifetime despite the distance traveled. Join us on this delightful and rewarding experience!

Sikles and Kori Itinerary

We begin our journey with four breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites after breakfast. These include the architecturally impressive Durbar Square, the revered Hindu shrine of Pashupati Nath, and the world's largest stupa, Buddha Nath.

After we finish our visit around the end of the evening, we drive to the Himalayan Ecological Trekking office for a brief discussion about our journey and to get to know our group pioneer and other like-minded adventurers.


Depending on your preference, we'll either drive or take a flight to Pokhara. Your travel preferences and the agency's agreement will determine this. In the evening, Pokhara's lakeside noise can be enjoyed. Take a break, unwind, and enjoy your stay in Pokhara. Due to its mountain views, lakes, caves, and climate, the city is the most popular tourist destination in Nepal. Hotel overnight stay.



We will depart for Sikles after breakfast. To get to Sikles, we'll need to use the 4WD Jeep. Sikles can be reached after a 4- to 5-hour drive. The highway is rocky and gravelly. The view is breathtaking. Along the trip, you can see hills, forests, rivers, and terraced farmlands.

The neighborhood will warmly greet you that night. 

The village is crowded and provides the best photographic opportunities. You'll be able to comprehend Gurung culture and way of life. You'll be staying at a homestay. As a result, you will experience Sikles life directly.


Before starting the journey, we will eat the local breakfast. The trail is steep and progressively narrow. The trail can be hiked, though. Mountains and the River Valley are visible from the hike. The Lamjung Himal and Annapurna II and IV appear magnificent from the path. Homestay or shelter home for the night.


Our trekking day today is fantastic. We'll go to the stunning Kapuche Lake, which is 2450 meters above sea level. The lake is Nepal's lowest-elevation Glacial Lake. We may experience a sense of being in a fairyland while we are near the lake's side. The location is very amazing. The area is rarely visited by anyone. It is hence calm and serene.

Reaching Nohtha takes roughly 4-5 hours. We'll have to cross the Hugu Khola and begin our ascent through fir, pine, and rhododendron forests. This day also features the same view of the mountains (Annapurna II, IV & Lamjung Himal). But the mountains draw closer. Spend the night in a shelter/tent


For roughly 4-5 hours, we would have to hike uphill to reach Kori Danda. We'll leave the forest line and head into the grasslands. From East to West, Nepal's geographic center is at the summit of Kori. 

Amazing views may be seen from the top. We may take in the view of the rolling hills. Additionally, we can see the Pokhara Valley. Mountains may be seen from above vertically, and a valley can be seen from below horizontally. Consequently, it is a paradise for photographers as well. Sleep at the tent or shelter house.


We will climb for roughly an hour to Kori Upper Viewpoint in the early morning. The area provides a greater view of the former trade route between Manang and Kaski. There is still another trekking path. We can get to Manang and connect with the route for the Annapurna Circuit Trek as well. However, we'll head back by taking Tasa's downhill trail.

We'll go walking downhill enough to reach Sikels. We will spend time with the villagers after we get to Sikles Village. You can take a tour through the village and discover more about Gurung culture right there. The walk is worthwhile despite the presence of mountains, woods, rivers, lakes, meadows, and wildlife.


Take your bag and bid the Sikles village goodbye after breakfast. We will complete the 36.7 km road trip from Sikles to Pokhara in five hours. The total distance between Pokhara to Sikles is 17 km, but the hills extend this distance. We will visit Phewa lake in the afternoon after a delicious meal if you like to unwind by boating on Phewa Lake. 

You can choose the type of meal you want to eat in the evening or your favorite food and eat it while staying at the hotel. You can then decide to either go to Kathmandu and head back home or visit Pokhara for few more days.