Pokhara is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers with its serene lakes, majestic mountains, and vibrant cultural tapestry. For adventurers with a zeal for exploration on a budget, there is a range of backpacker hostels in Pokhara, each having its unique charm and offering a gateway to the authentic essence of enchanting affordable accommodation options.

In this blog, we embark on a journey through different backpacker hostels in Pokhara, catering to backpackers in search of more than just a place to rest their weary heads. The Backpackers Hostel experience serves as a portal into the beating heart of this Himalayan gem, where affordability converges with community, and cultural exchange seamlessly integrates into the Pokhara journey.


Pokhara, renowned for its natural beauty and the potential for various adventurous activities, has become the chosen destination for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in the heart of this beautiful valley. Let’s delve deeper into the possibilities of affordable accommodation options in Pokhara. Whether you are into adventurous activities, seeking like-minded travelers, or are on a budget, this blog is just for you. Welcome to our blog on Backpackers Hostel in Pokhara to discover a budget-friendly, culturally rich, and adventurous accommodation choice.


Why visit Pokhara?

As we embark on our Pokhara adventure, the city unfolds its captivating charm, leaving an unforgettable mark on the memory of every tourist.


  • Scenic Beauty and Natural Attractions:

Nestled by the Annapurna mountain range, Pokhara showcases breathtaking natural wonders. Phewa Lake, a tranquil lake reflecting surrounding peaks, sets the stage for serenity. With each evening, the sun dips behind mountains, painting the sky with breathtaking hues.

Furthermore, discover cascading waterfalls like the ethereal Devi’s Fall, where water dances to its melody. The lush greenery of the World Peace Pagoda and the spiritual allure of the Gupteshwor Cave add layers to the charm of Pokhara.


  • Cultural and Adventure Activities:

Beyond natural beauty, Pokhara invites exploration of its rich culture and adventurous spirit. Bustling markets of Lakeside and diverse eateries beckon exploration. The Old Bazaar reflects history in its narrow ways, while the Bindhyabasini Temple reflects the spiritual resonance.

For adrenaline seekers, Pokhara offers a variety of activities. Such as paragliding from the Sarangkot viewpoint offers an unparalleled aerial perspective, while trekking trails like the Annapurna Circuit promise an immersive journey through Himalayan landscapes.


  • Is Pokhara suitable for backpackers?

The beauty of Pokhara lies not just in landscapes but also in the genuine warmth of its people. The calm atmosphere of the city forms an ideal location for backpackers seeking an authentic experience. Whether unwinding by the lakeside, savoring local delicacies, or sharing stories with fellow travelers, Pokhara weaves a charm that makes every moment memorable.


What is a Backpacker Hostel?

A backpacker hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation option designed for travelers. The hostels usually feature shared dormitory-style rooms that promote a social atmosphere among guests. These hostels prioritize affordability and often provide communal spaces for socializing, making them a hub for like-minded individuals seeking budget-conscious lodging and a unique travel experience. Backpacker hostels attract a diverse array of travelers, ranging from solo adventurers and digital nomads to students on gap years and those looking forward to cultural immersion in a foreign land. The main feature of the backpacker hostel is that it is a hub for travelers seeking an authentic travel experience. Therefore, these hostels are lively and foster an atmosphere where cultural exchange and making new friends are easy.


The Backpacker’s Experience

Now that we know about the charm of Pokhara, let’s look into our adventure, the Backpacker’s Experience. In a world where travel is often synonymous with luxury, backpacking offers a unique and enriching perspective, especially with the welcoming atmosphere of backpacker hostels in Pokhara.

  • Advantages of Staying in a Backpacker Hostel:

The decision to stay in a backpackers hostel in Pokhara is merely about saving a few bucks, it is a conscious choice to immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with fellow travelers. These hostels go beyond providing affordable accommodation, they cultivate a community of like-minded individuals sharing stories, tips, and the sheer joy of exploration. These hostels are the vibrant hubs of cultural exchange, creating an environment where strangers become travel companions.


  • Sense of Community and Cultural Exchange:

One of the most rewarding aspects of the backpacker’s experience is the genuine sense of community that flourishes within hostel walls. Whether gathered around a bonfire swapping tales or collaborating on spontaneous adventures, the friendships in these spaces often transcend borders. 


  • Cost-Effective Accommodation Options:

Let’s now address the elephant in the room: the budget. Backpackers hostels in Pokhara not only provide an affordable roof over your head but also open doors to a network of fellow budget-conscious explorers. Shared dorms and communal spaces make these accommodations light on the wallet, allowing you to distribute funds where they matter most, experiences. The money saved on accommodation can be transformed into unforgettable activities, whether it is paragliding over the Pokhara Valley or savoring the local delicacies in Lakeside.

As you consider your accommodation choice in Pokhara, consider more than just a place to sleep. The Backpacker’s Experience is a dynamic immersion into the heart of travel where affordability meets community, and every stay is a chapter in the epic tale of exploration. So, gear up for a journey beyond the conventional, where the true magic lies in the connections made and the stories shared within the walls of a backpackers hostel.


Tips for Choosing the Right Hostel

Selecting the perfect backpacker hostels in Pokhara is similar to finding the key to a treasure trove of memorable experiences. As you navigate the diverse options, consider these active and practical tips to ensure your stay aligns seamlessly with your travel aspirations.


  • Consideration of Personal Preferences and Location:

Start your quest by identifying what matters most to you. Are you someone who thrives in a social atmosphere, or do you prefer a quieter space for introspection? Check if the hostel aligns with your preferred vibe. Whether it is a lakeside view, proximity to adventure activities, or a more laid-back ambiance, prioritize hostels that resonate with your travel style.


  • Budget-Friendly Options:

Budgets are the backbone of backpacking adventures, and your choice of accommodation can significantly impact your overall spending. Look for hostels that strike the right balance between affordability and value. Explore the facilities they offer Wi-Fi, communal kitchens, or organized activities making them align with your needs without breaking the bank.


  • Reading Reviews and Doing Research:

In the digital age, the wisdom of fellow travelers is just a click away. Before finalizing your booking, look into online reviews and testimonials. Platforms like TripAdvisor or bookin.com provide valuable insights into the actual experiences of previous guests. Pay attention to comments about cleanliness, staff friendliness, and the overall atmosphere to make an informed decision.


List of Backpacker Hostels in Pokhara


  1. Pokhara Backpackers Hostel

Contact:  980-3003030

Map: Get Direction

Website: Pokhara Backpackers Hostel

Location: 5th Ammat Street Lakeside 06

Situated just 1.1 km from Fewa Lake, Pokhara Backpackers Hostel offers a blend of convenience and comfort. With free private parking, a shared lounge, and a terrace, this hostel provides a vibrant atmosphere. The rooms, equipped with private bathrooms and free WiFi, ensure a pleasant stay. Guests can enjoy continental, American, or Asian breakfast options, and the location of the hostel is close to major attractions like Pokhara Lakeside and Tal Barahi Temple.

Features of Pokhara Backpackers Hostel

  • Bar
  • Wi-Fi
  • Travel Desk
  • Exercise Area
  • 24 hrs security
  • Free Breakfast


  1. Kiwi Backpackers Hostel


Map: Get Direction

Website: Kiwi Backpackers Hostel

Location: 7 Kiwi Ln, 5th Street Ammat, Lakeside

 Kiwi Backpackers Hostel stands out as the best workstation hostel in Nepal, featuring high-speed internet. Located at the south end of Lakeside, the hostel offers superior Himalayan views and proximity to various amenities. With dormitories, private rooms, and a range of facilities such as a rooftop hammock area, a movie room, and a 5 O’clock Happy Hour bar, Kiwi creates a lively and engaging atmosphere.

Features of Kiwi Backpackers Hostel

  • Wi-Fi
  • Barbecue
  • Free Breakfast
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Security Lockers
  • Luggage Storage


  1. Zostel

Contact: 986-9273860

Map: Get Direction

Website: Zostel

Location: Pokhara 18, Sedi Bagar, Lakeside

Overlooking Phewa Lake, Zostel Pokhara invites backpackers to a delightful stay with scenic spaces and good food. With a 5-minute drive from the main street of Pokhara, the hostel provides easy access to paragliding, biking trails, and nature hikes. The vibrant ambiance, coupled with a lakeside cafe and rooftop area, adds to the overall charm, making it a hub for adventure seekers.

Features of Zostel

  • Cafe
  • Hot water
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Laundry Services
  • In-house Activities
  • Card Payment Accepted


  1. Gypsy Hostel

Contact: 061-590526

Map: Get Direction

Website: Gypsy Hostel

Location: Khahare, Street No 23, Lakeside

Gypsy Hostel & Backpackers, located 1.5 km from Pokhara Lakeside, offers comfort and entertainment. The property features a garden, free private parking, a shared lounge, and a terrace. With a restaurant and bar, the hostel ensures a pleasant stay with room service and a 24-hour front desk. The availability of billiards, a children’s playground, and proximity to various attractions make this hostel a versatile choice.

Features of Gypsy Hostel

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Family rooms
  • Room service
  • Airport shuttle
  • Dormitory Room


  1. Gaurishankar Backpacker’s Hostel

Contact: 061-462422

Map: Get Direction

Website: Gaurishankar Backpacker’s Hostel

Location: Durbar Marg, Pokhara

Nestled among lush greenery, the Gaurishankar Backpackers Hostel offers a tranquil retreat. With a garden, shared lounge, and a terrace, this hostel provides a range of rooms with different views. The accommodation includes free WiFi, a restaurant with diverse cuisine options, and activities like table tennis and darts. The location of the hostel with proximity to Fewa Lake and other attractions, adds to its appeal.

Features of Gaurishankar Backpacker Hostel

  • BBQ
  • Book exchange
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot/Cold Shower
  • 24-hour security
  • Tranquil Environment


  1. Pokhara Youth Hostel

Contact: 980-3885084

Map: Get Direction

Website: Pokhara Youth Hostel

Location: Hallan Chowk-6, Lakeside

Pokhara Youth Hostel is located just 50 meters from Fewa Lake and offers a scenic and mountainous retreat. With a barbecue area, free WiFi, and free private parking, the hostel caters to various interests such as cycling, fishing, and hiking. The 24-hour front desk ensures convenience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of nature and adventure.

Features of Pokhara Youth Hostel

  • Free Parking
  • Postal Service
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Accessible Location
  • Express Check-in/out


  1. Dharma Backpackers

Contact: 982-4138600

Map: Get Direction

Website: Dharma Backpackers

Location: Street No 5 Lakeside

Dharma Backpackers, situated 1.1 km from Fewa Lake, provides a serene escape with its garden, terrace, and restaurant. The hostel’s bar and proximity to attractions like Pokhara Lakeside make it a well-rounded choice for travelers. With room service and an Asian breakfast offered, guests can enjoy a comfortable stay with easy access to the beauty of Pokhara.

Features of Dharma Backpackers 

  • Affordable 
  • Mountain View
  • Free Breakfast
  • Book exchange
  • Airport Transfers
  • Safe Deposit Box


  1. Hostel The Good Earth Pvt. Ltd.

Contact: 061-590066

Map: Get Direction

Website: Hostel The Good Earth Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Devisthan Path, Street No 16B, Lakeside, Pokhara

The Good Earth Pvt. Ltd. offers a centrally located accommodation option, just 400 meters from Pokhara Lakeside. The hostel provides a comfortable and convenient stay with a garden, private parking, and a terrace. The availability of bike and car rentals, along with proximity to attractions like Fewa Lake and Tal Barahi Temple, makes it an appealing choice for exploring Pokhara.

Features of Hostel The Good Earth Pvt. Ltd.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Terrace
  • Lockers
  • Lake view
  • Airport shuttle
  • Board Games


Final Say

In bidding farewell to our exploration of “Backpacker Hostels in Pokhara,” we find ourselves at the intersection of affordability, community, and cultural immersion. As we have explored the scenic beauty and adventure-packed avenues of Pokhara, the backpacker’s experience emerges as a vibrant chapter in this Himalayan haven.

With its serene lakes, majestic mountains, and rich cultural tapestry, Pokhara draws nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers with a zest for exploration on a budget. The array of backpacker hostels in this enchanting city offers more than just a place to rest, they serve as gateways to Pokhara, an essence where affordability converges seamlessly with community spirit.

So, as you embark on your adventure, consider the listed backpacker hostels in Pokhara, each offering a unique experience within the tapestry of this Himalayan gem. From Pokhara Backpackers Hostel to Gaurishankar Backpacker’s Hostel, the choices are diverse, each promising not just a place to stay but an integral part of your Pokhara exploration.

In conclusion, the Backpacker Hostels in Pokhara are more than budget-friendly accommodations, they are the gateways to a culturally rich, community-driven adventure. As you plan your journey, may your choice of hostel be as memorable as the experiences awaiting you in the heart of Pokhara!




  • What makes backpacker hostels in Pokhara different from hotels?

Backpacker hostels in Pokhara offer a unique communal experience with shared dormitory-style accommodations, creating a vibrant atmosphere that makes social interaction easy. Unlike traditional hotels, these hostels prioritize affordability and are best for budget-conscious travelers.

  • Are backpacker hostels suitable for solo travelers?

Yes! Backpacker hostels in Pokhara are ideal for solo travelers. The communal nature of these accommodations provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, share travel stories, and possibly find companions for exploring the beautiful Pokhara.

  • What facilities can I expect in a backpacker hostel?

Most backpacker hostels offer basic amenities such as shared dormitory-style rooms, communal kitchens, common areas for socializing, and often organized activities. While the facilities may vary, the focus is on providing a budget-friendly and socially engaging experience.

  • How do I ensure the safety of my belongings in a shared dormitory?

Backpacker hostels usually provide lockers for securing your valuable belongings. Additionally, many hostels have 24-hour front desk services and practice security measures to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

  • Can I book a private room in a backpacker hostel in Pokhara?

While the primary offering is shared dormitory-style rooms, some backpacker hostels in Pokhara provide private room options for their customers. You can check with the specific hostel in advance to confirm availability and pricing for private accommodations.

  • Are backpacker hostels in Pokhara family-friendly?

Backpacker hostels are generally more inclined towards solo travelers and small groups, but some of the hostels welcome families as well. It is recommended to check with the specific hostel about their policies regarding children, pets, and family accommodations before making a reservation.