Every travel experience is all about the destination, the culture, the journey, the activities, and most importantly, the food. No trip is complete without trying the local delicacies that a given place has to offer. Nepal is one such country that has lots to offer in terms of street food and local cuisine. Pokhara’s street food is renowned for its diverse flavors, so savor them while wandering around the streets.

For interested travelers looking into planning a trip to Pokhara, The following are some of the top food items a foodie can find in Pokhara’s streets. If you are a foodie, you know how these local street foods are popular and have great taste. Street foods often provide a more affordable option for enjoying delicious dishes.

20+ Must Try Street Foods In Pokhara

  • Momos

Momos are often called the national dish of Nepal. Most people recommend you try Momos as a main dish in Nepal. Momos come in different varieties. Momo is made with freshly made flour; inside the flour, you will find minced meat with a variety of spices in it. Momos is one of the top street foods in Pokhara. The best part of the momo is its chutney, which is a bit sweet, spicy, and tasty.

Most of the Pokhrelis love the momos from Mittho Momo which is located at Tundikhel of Pokhara. If you are a buff lover then this place will be best suitable for you.

  • Chowmein

Due to its affordable price and ability to fill you up, Chowmein is one of the most popular street dishes in Pokhara. Though the method of preparation is distinct, it is a unique kind of noodle. Spices are blended with noodles and other vegetables, meats, and peas. Chutney and ketchup are included.

One of the best places to have Chowmein is at Hemja, Milanchowk; it’s a very undervalued place to have it from Garbuja Khaja Ghar.

  • Samosa

Samosa is among one of the top-selling street foods in Pokhara. It is cheap and is available in most of the places of Pokhara food vendors. It is a crispy, flavourful snack with a savory veg filling such as minced potatoes, lentils, and peas. It is popular in its triangular forms.  

The most famous place to have samosa is Fishtail Food Park which is located at the centre of the Siddhartha Chowk. In this location, Chicken Samosa is more famous than any other item.

  • Chatpatey

Chatpatey is one of the most popular snacks among teenagers. It is a must-have street food when you are traveling with your friends. It is quick and extremely easy to prepare. A mixture of noodles, onions, puffed rice, lime, coriander, and spices products with your liking.

People with different tastes and choices may have different places with their favorite spots but Chatpate Vendor at Gandaki Hospital Chowk opposite URL Hospital is one of the favorite spots of many youngsters in Pokhara.

  • Panipuri 

It is a common street food in Nepal which is a breaded hollow spherical shell with an inch diameter, filled with finely sliced onions, potatoes, peas, and different spices mixtures. It is served with water, and lime with a chilly mixture.

If you want to taste the best Panipuri while you are in Pokhara, Model Hospital PaniPuri will be the best spot for you. It is located in Newroad, Pokhara.

  • Sekuwa

Sekuwa is roasted meat in a wooden fire which is made by mixing different spices. It can be made up of goat meat, buffalo meat, chicken meat, pork meat, and many others. If you want to taste the best sekuwa in Pokhara visit Halal Jhirr House. It is located in Miyapatan. Near Baal Bidhya School Pokhara.

  • Bhuttan 

Bhuttan is one of the most liked street foods in Pokhara. It involves cooking raw meat with various spices until it becomes dry and brown in appearance. This cooking process infuses the meat with rich flavors and tenderizes it to perfection. 

Once cooked, Bhuttan is typically served with a side of chutney, adding a tangy and refreshing contrast to the savory meat. This hearty dish is cherished for its robust taste and is often enjoyed as a satisfying meal in many households and restaurants.

There is no specific place for Bhuttan in Pokhara, you can find Bhuttan in most of the street stalls but if you want to experience the best taste then you need to visit the Newari Shop. 

  • Chhoila

Choila consists of spiced grilled meat, typically made with buffalo meat but can also include mutton, chicken, duck, or mushroom. The meat is grilled and seasoned with a blend of spices, resulting in a flavorful and aromatic dish. 

It is often served with rice flakes and is known for its spicy flavor profile. Choila is a popular and cherished street food in Pokhara. If you want to experience the best taste of Chhoila then we recommend you visit Newari restaurant. 

  • Sausages

Sausages are a type of meat product made from ground meat mixed with various flavorings and spices. They are often grilled or fried to perfection, resulting in a juicy and flavorful snack. Sausages are a popular street food in Pokhara. If you are looking to taste the best Sausages in town, you can visit the Ratna Chowk area to try it.

  • Donut

Doughnuts are delicious fried treats made from dough. They come in different shapes and flavors, like glazed or filled with jam. People love to enjoy them as snacks or desserts, especially with a cup of coffee or tea. If you are out of your home for a morning walk, you might be able to see freshly prepared donuts in the nearby tea shops. There is no particular place for Doughnuts in Pokhara, but you can find Doughnuts in most of the street stalls.

  • Sel Roti

Sel roti is among the most popular street foods in Pokhara and is loved for its authentic Nepalese flavor. Rice flour is used to create this delicious fried dough, which gives it a unique taste and feel. 

There are a lot of food stalls in Pokhara that sell Sel roti, each having a unique take on this traditional dish. It is a street food experience that both locals and visitors to Pokhara must have because of its popularity.

Several restaurants in Chipledhunga offer the best sel roti that you can enjoy during your lunchtime.

  • Naan

This cooking process involves placing the bread directly onto the hot surface of the Bhatti, where it cooks quickly over intense heat. As a result, the flatbread develops a distinct smoky flavor and a crispy exterior, while remaining soft and fluffy on the inside.

If you are looking for the best place to have Naan then Himalayan Naan House which is located in the Nadipur area is one of the top places in Pokhara to try the different varieties of Naan.

  • Shafala 

Shafala is one of the very popular street food. A dish where minced meat is placed inside the fried dough. It comes with chutney. You can have either Chicken Shafala or Buff Safala. Most of the People from Pokhara love to visit Tibetian Yak Restaurant which is located at Birauta, near Devis Fall.

  • Pakauda

Pakauda is a favorite street snack in Pokhara, made by deep-frying different ingredients. One popular type is onion pakoras, which taste similar to onion rings. They can be spicy, but you can ask for them without chili if you prefer. 

Sometimes, vendors add big pieces of fresh green chili for extra spice. You can find these yummy snacks along trekking routes and in many restaurants in Pokhara. If you are craving freshly prepared pakauda in Pokhara, you can roam in the street of Pokhara in the morning time.

  • Katti Roll

Katti Roll is a popular street food. It is a rolled roti with different basic ingredients like meat, veggies, sausages, creams, ketchup, and other ingredients of your choice which are wrapped in a roll. It is one of the top street foods in Lakeside. The best place to have katti roll in Pokhara is Syanko Katti Roll which is located in the street of Lakeside, Pokhara.

  • Aloo Chop

Aloo chop is one of the varieties of potato, steamed potato is mashed and molded into a patty and then deep fry it. Then it is served with chutney. This is a favorite among children and teenagers.

You can find different stalls that sell Aloo Chop. But one of the favorite spots among the people of Pokhara is Nadipur Chop House. It is located in Nadipur, opposite to Bal Mandir School. 

  • Laphing

Laphing is a spicy cold meal of plain flour noodles, topped with various condiments such as vinegar, soy sauce, and tsulazi (chilli oil). Laphing is a popular street food in Tibet that is famous for its spicy taste and chewy texture. 

It is made with mung bean starch, has a sauce consisting of soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, and chili, and is served cold. It’s a cool and filling snack that’s ideal for eating on the go or during hot weather, and it’s garnished with fresh herbs. If you want to try the best Laphing, you can simply go to any place near Monasteries and Gumbas.

  •  Chaat

It is a tasty snack that is usually sold at roadside stands. Fried dough, which provides a crispy texture that contrasts with the variety of items they are served with, is a common ingredient in these snacks. NS chat center is one of the best places to try different varieties of Chaat. It is located in Ranipauwa.

  • Chatamari

Chatamari is a dish made from rice, also known as Newari pizza. Previously made during festivals and special occasions, Chatamari is now a popular snack among Pokhara’s Newar population. You can find mouthwatering Chatamari with egg or ricotta cheese toppings in a variety of small eateries and stalls.

  • Bara

Traditional Newari snacks such as Bara are healthy alternatives to other fast foods. They are made from yellow or black lentils and are fried to make them look like pancakes. They can be both deep-fried or fried in the pan. Although it is a vegetarian dish, you can also add eggs and meat to it.

  • Thukpa

You will be craving something warm and satisfying when it is cold outside in Pokhara. A hot bowl of thukpa is the answer. It is a Tibetan noodle soup with boiled noodles, broth, meat, and vegetables. Garam masala in thupka adds a little bit of spice and flavor.

However, there’s no special occasion necessary to savor this bowl of delight. It’s a portion of comfort food that can fill you up and give you a full meal by itself. If you are expecting the best thukpa then you need to visit a restaurant near the Davis Fall Area.


Exploring the street foods in Pokhara will be one of the greatest experiences you have in Pokhara. If you are a food lover then Pokhara will surely hold your best memories. Pokhara’s streets are full of delicious foods, from the crispy sweetness of samosas to the spicy joys of momos. 

You will find different varieties of food with different price ranges also with different tastes. Pokhara offers a wide variety of street food options to suit any taste, whether it is salty or sweet. 

Also, the costs are typically rather affordable, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of options without going over budget. When in Pokhara, make sure not to miss this delicious and entertaining adventure.


  • What is the best time of day to explore the street food scene in Pokhara?

The best time is after the afternoon. If otherwise, it’s simple to find different local food in Pokhara at various vendors afternoon.

  • How can I ensure that the street food I am buying is hygienic?

It is clear that street food is not considered hygienic but here in Pokhara, local vendors put hygiene at the top of their priority list.

  • Are there any street food walking tours or guided experiences available in Pokhara?

No, you will not find one. But if you want some food, you have to directly contact them.

  • Do street vendors in Pokhara accept cash only, or can I  pay digitally?

You can do both. There is the availability of digital payment in Pokhara.

  • Are there vegetarian or vegan options available among Pokhara’s street foods?

Vegetarian items are rarely available in the streets of Pokhara. You will have a variety of chicken options.